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Offering the perfect combination of personalized care and best-in-class hospitality, Zaindent is counted amongst the most favored dental clinics of Kerala by patients. At ZAINDENT we strive to achieve the highest standard of consumer service and provide you the best possible dental care.

Our infrastructure and state-of-art-technology is at par with international standards to provide the best treatment and complete oral rehabilitation.

We take utmost care to ensure sterilization of instruments and equipment to prevent contamination. We follow strict infection control protocols and have upgraded our treatment protocol to the world's leading technological advancements, to give all our guests the "Best in Class" treatment possible.

Our warm and friendly panel of expert Dentists and Guest Services Team are conversant in English, Hindi, Arabic, Malayalam .and many other Indian languages. Our internationally trained team of specialized Dentists provides speciality based Dental care in accordance to the dental needs of the patient.

We constantly upgrade our service, technology and infrastructure to provide you the latest and best in dental treatment.

We provide convenient appointments at short notice for our overseas patients.

Because we deliver on the following fronts.

The chief doctors the expert team has a collective experience of many years in the various fields of dentistry. Here you are assured of being treated by an experienced team delivering the best care. The treatment here will be a pleasant experience with the help of the latest in dental technology in a serene and caring environment.
We have quality controls at every level to make the treatment safe.
QUALITY OVER QUANTITY – We do not follow mass practice of dentistry. The quality control happens at the level of the number of patients we see on a given day. We prefer to deliver hi- quality personalized care to a limited number of patients a day than dilute the quality of care by taking in more people. That differentiates our practice from a regular practice. You are assured of undivided attention by the doctors with your treatment here.

SOURCING OF MATERIALS USED – We use only internationally approved dental materials from top brands which are F.D.A approved. We DO NOT substitute any of the dental material used with cheaper products (hazardous) available elsewhere to cut the costs. It applies to materials used in all treatments be it fillings/crown work or implants. That ensures safer work and quality end result in all the procedures.
We believe in total transparency and desire long term relationship with our patients. We also believe that informed patients make satisfied patients. We take pleasure in informing our patients actively, extensively and comprehensibly. We do not offer deals and packages to the patients. What we offer is honest diagnosis and sincere treatment.
When a patient comes to us with a problem, we offer treatment advice based on clinical examination and diagnostic aids. Here you get doctors who think for you and plan the treatment keeping your best interests in mind. Our treatment plan is based on our individual assessment of you as a human being than just as a dental patient.

There is a standard procedure that is followed to make the procedure transparent.
  • Recording Detailed treatment plan and preparing a cost estimate after the first clinical examination
  • One copy of cost estimate will be given to the patient and the patient has to sign the second copy which will be kept in our records.
  • The Commencement of treatment is on mutual consent of the procedures and cost. The focus is on transparency in treatment options and cost.
Since the inception have an impressive track record of high quality results. Our client's satisfaction is the main goal for us. Till date, we have successfully treated over 1000 patients with the philosophy of achieving perfection through high quality work, modern technology and attention to detail. Check the testimonial section for proof.
Today dental care is not just about treatment, it is about a positive experience which is also about lifestyle, looks and overall wellness. We understand that and bend over backwards to provide you that experience.

At ZAINDENT you will be welcomed to a comfortable lounge area with soothing music while you wait for your treatment. Most of Our clients come to us because we do not fall into a traditional clinical set up which is fear inducing. When we say that our office is of INTERNATIONAL STANDARD we truly mean it. We have a state of the art treatment rooms, which are completely separate to ensure total privacy during the treatment procedures
We believe dental care has to be personal .A good dentist is the one who takes care of the dental needs of the whole family. We exactly provide you that at ZAINDENT .Our expert chief doctors provide comprehensive smile friendly solutions personally monitor the treatments and guarantee that world's best practices are followed here.
At ZAINDENT WE CATER TO COWARDS – we practice painless dentistry with the help of efficient anesthetics. Most of the notorious procedures like root canals, extractions and implants are totally painless here. We extend a warm welcome to all patients who postpone visiting the dentist for the fear of pain.
Many people are afraid of the dentist. At All Smiles we practice modern dentistry offering safe, effective, and comfortable treatments to anxious and fearful patients. Conscious sedation/sedation dentistry/relaxation dentistry is a method used to deal with anxious patients and patients who fear dental procedures. It is used to sedate children, infants, and those individuals that are overly fearful of dental procedures. Sedation Dentistry is not scary and can be pain free.
We also have Music Analgesia in some of our Branches to keep the patient relaxed during dental procedures.
We understand the dangers of cross infection in today's world of HIV and HEPATITIS. We strictly adhere to the international protocol of infection control and sterilization to protect you from cross infection.
At ZAINDENT we provide you with long term solutions for all your dental problems. We plan your treatment to give you results that last for a very long time .We also motivate you to maintain the teeth better. It is possible only because of our through analysis and explicit adherence to the treatment protocol. Our experience of successfully treating thousands of patients with varied dental problems over a decade is invaluable in giving you long lasting results.

With us you are sure to get healthy teeth that look great, feel good and last very long!
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